>> CFBTimeMachine

Infinite scroll website with thousands of historical college football articles and videos. Made using django and waypoints.js. Click here to take a look!

>> ML From Scratch

Machine learning algorithms implemented using only numpy. Includes an MNIST classification neural network, a logistic regression class, and a linear regression class.

>> Neural Text

An application that recognizes digits 0 - 9. The neural network was created using the Tensorflow module and trained on the MNIST dataset. Using the pygame module, this application allows users to draw a digit on a canvas the network makes a prediction.

>> Path Finder

Interactive path finder. Click to make make walls and play with DFS, BFS, and Dijkstra's Algorithm. Click here to demo it!

>> VisualSort

Visualization tool for popular sorting algorithms. As of right now, it includes Bubblesort, Selectionsort, and Mergesort. Click here to demo it!

>> WorkoutTracker


A simple way to track and log your day to day workout and BMI. Uses chart.js to visualize user data. Click here to give it a try!

>> Todo App

A Task List developed with the web framework, Django. It supports user authentication, and has a simple user interface to handle the addition and removal of tasks.

>> Blog App

Basic Blog App developed using Django framework. Supports user authentication.